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Kerryn Levy
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Continuing on from yesterday's theme of Australian made, I thought I'd highlight some of my favourite Australian ceramacists headlining at the moment! These creatives are located all over Australia, wherever they can get their hands on a kiln really.. (if only Hedland had a kiln!!!)

The first selection of beautifully painted vessels is from Melbourne-based Trade the Mark. Hopefully very soon, Christina will join us for a West End Market!

Next up is Liquorice Moon Studios.. you can purchase these little vessels online via Etsy, or take yourself on a holiday to the sunny coast. I'd pick the second option.

Kerryn Levy is producing some of the most interesting shapes, and I've got one of her vases on my shelf, and certainly there are many more designs available at the Courthouse Gallery. Get in quick before I expand my collection (if they all sell, never fear, head south to Adelaide and you'll be able to snaffle some more!) And stay south side to also encounter Katia Carletti.. so many great shapes and I just LOVE the clay textures which result from her work.

Heading east, you'll find Sophie Moran in Melbourne. A seasoned ceramacist (or potter if you will, as she like to use the potters wheel), these vessels are striking.

Most recently a hub of makers, Newcastle is home to Clay Canoe. You'll catch these guys at Finder's Keepers and the Big Design Market. MAYBE a West End Market one day too!

Finally, my new kid off the block nod is to Holly Macdonald. A Sydney-sider who recently graduated from art school, she has hit the ground running, (I snaffled two of her vessels from her breakout show at Sabbia Gallery.) Definitely one to follow on social media, she is exploring what you can do with fine clay.. and it's impressive!

Note: sadly my ability to link their websites seems to be failing, but definitely check these makers out!

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