A Swell Time in Australia


It is after an embarrassingly long hiatus, the Muesli and Yoghurt blog returns. Since I last collated and mused about creative life life up here in the Pilbara, a few things have happened. Specifically, I got a new job, found my main man and started developing a child. No doubt more of that will wind it's way into future posts, but it is the last fact that brings us to our first return post of 2018..

Yesterday at a Hottest 100 BBQ, we got onto the topic of one of Australia's most prominent alternative fashion labels.. and how it had be purchased a few years ago, and generally deteriorated in quality, potentially because they now send their manufacturing offshore. I can appreciate the tough decisions Australian clothing designers have when choosing their suppliers, manufacturers and packaging, as the cost barriers to ensure it is all designed and made in Australia can be difficult. However, I wanted to highlight a number of my favourite brands which are doing it right here in Australia and are well worth exploring.. and going back to my comment about being pregnant, well these awesome brands have inadvertantly designed frocks which fit a growing belly! (Don't get me started on the hideous maternity wear on offer.. seriously.)

In no particular order:

Kawaii has long been a stapel in my wardrobe. Excellent cuts, fabric quality and all manufactuered in Melbourne. Almost a decade later, my Kawaii frocks are still standing the test of time.

Kablooie, Togetherness Designs and Doops Designs are three of many small studio businesses popping up all over Australia (shoutout to Jericho Road Clothing too, but can't vouch for quality as I'm yet to purchase, but it'll be soon!) These ladies focus on bright, handmade fabric designs which again will last the test of time. Plus, with their much smaller quantities, you'll be the only guest at the party with hand screen printed cactus, bright avocados on your frock or stunning hand drawn designs!

Taking Australia by storm last year was social enterprise Magpie Goose.. a NT-based duo who have established strong connections with Indigenous textile manufacturers and transformed the fabric into very wearable frocks, shorts, t-shirts etc. I have two of their frocks, and will curse the day Baby Beryl (the growing bump) swells too large for me to fit into their shift dresses.

Mentions to Raggatt and Monsters Alphabet for their unique designs, also wanting to flag new-comer Lois Hazel and not-so-new Obus and Variety Hour for their original designs and fabric. And a dishonourable mention by me (they're not Australian in any way), but their quality to consistent, their fabrics bold and their cuts for women who want to feel femine not trashy.. Marimekko I love you.

Finally, it was only recently that I discovered this fact, that the largest Australian designed and manufactured clothing brand is actually Cue. And they don't go so bad! I found a number of items which can accommodate my belly, future breast feeding and still look awesome.

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