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Bride to Be
Bride to Be

Have I ever told you about my very guilty pleasure...? A pleasure that I have no problems being caught in carrying out... a pleasure which no doubt reduces my astute intellect and probably diminishes all comments I have made regarding trivial conversation... a pleasure which I will gladly continue doing even if I am getting evil stares from my peers…

Every Monday, now Wednesday or Thursday (thank you inconvenient geographical location), I go ‘shopping’ in Woolies or Coles, basket on one arm, and a magazine held by the other. Actually, who am I kidding, I put the basket down, stand in front of the magazine section, and read every single trashy bound piece of paper. NW, Famous, Woman's Day, New Idea, Who Weekly... if it's a particularly scandalous front cover, I move to the British mags. Cheryl Cole what’s with the hair cut…? Miley and Ms Byrns, say no to the piercings…! and who’s hooked up with an ex Big Brother contestant?!

Anyhow, this is from a magazine I did buy. Featuring Kate and John's amazing New York warehouse themed wedding, Bride to Be managed to squeeze in some of M&Y's flowers and styling. Just ;)

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