french desserts
french desserts
french desserts
french desserts
french desserts
french desserts

It seems that one of the many activities on offer here in Hedland is attending a Tuperware party. Or an Avon party. Or lingerie party. Essentially anything you can sell via the always reliable pyramid scheme.

But it's the Chef's Kitchen party which is all the rage (been invited to two in six weeks!) Aside from housemate Leah showing her late night TV kitchen shopping addiction purchases, which might I add is fantastic as the non credit card bill recipiant but frequent user of the stainless steel, teflon inspired fry pan, this cook has no idea what items should be in a chef's kitchen?! Not really surprising considering it was only two years ago I received my first wooden spoon to bake with. Anyhow, following with the French theme, it's now high on the list to investigate what items one should keep an eye out for to make perfect souffle... or crepes... or chocolate fondant..

And for the chef's out there, I alert you to this very sweet blog... aptly named, Dessert First. (And let keep pyramids last.)

25/5/13 - Last night Cecile organised a French dessert spread fit for Marie Antoinette herself. Chef's Kitchen phfft. Cecile's ktichen is where it is at!! Please let me know if you want to participate in making the most tasty macarons here in Hedland.  Seriously.


#1 Cecile 2013-05-25 16:04
Hi lovely Katie,
now I can say.....I am on your blog, whou hou you!
Glad to hear you liked my French cakes last night.
Let's organise a French cooking class when I come back in July.
See you tonight at the Comedy Show. This morning's comedy workshop was epic, pity you missed it.

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