No Way. EVER.

The Met Ball 2013
The Met Ball 2013
The Met Ball 2013
The Met Ball 2013
The Met Ball 2013
The Met Ball 2013

The Met Ball is my favourite night of nights. The stars frock up, but not in a classic way, rather they're given an opportunity to funk things up. I rarely swear, but I would suggest that many this year the stars have f**ked things up. No doubt you you will disagree with my verdict, Leah was quick to hate some of my choices, but essentially all the tasteful frocks aren't included.. it's the Met Ball! The remainder completely missed the theme for this year, punk. Some attempted with crazy eyes (some just inching across the line as you'll see below), but most missed. Let me know if you agree with my Yes, No and Maybes! And if you find other options here, also let me know!

Ps Chelsea Clinton is worth a mention, but not a photo. It was just so boring and old, words can't describe how pained I am for creativity.


#1 Mary Jane 2013-05-10 18:04
Gwyneth Paltrow - what the hell was she thinking - can hot pink ever be punk??

Carey Mulligan - love her but looked too Audrey Hepburn glamorous.

Katie Holmes - she has got to be kidding!

Emily Blunt - so gorgeous, too gorgeous for punk.

Gwen Stefani - would have thought she might have had an inkling about punk couture.

Leelee Sobieski's look was interesting.

And in general - just because it's leather doesn't mean it's punk...

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