Animal Farm

animal farm

I've just got back from Port Hedland's finest theatre venue, the Matt Dann. No, this isn't sarcasm, Matt Dann has comfy seats, great sound and lighting, tasty wine and tonight, one outstanding production. Right here in Port Hedland, our merry band of ladies, saw Shake & Stir Theatre company's version of George Orwell's classic, Animal Farm.

For those who need to cast their minds back to year 8, the plot is simple and somewhat familiar:

Revolution has taken place at Manor Farm. The pigs have assumed control and under the principles of ‘Animalism’ a better life free from human service is promised to all. Guided by a simple set of rules and an unrelenting respect for authority, it is not long before the rules that promised freedom become the chains that bind the animals once again.

It really was an excellent piece of work. Not sure if you'll ever get to see this production? But here is a short clip.

Until the next revolution.

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