Amazing Babes

amazing babes
amazing babes
amazing babes
amazing babes

One of the most enjoyable times I've had on my brief sojourn here in Melbourne, is the time I've spent with friends who have just popped out kids. Or least within the past seven months. One of the cutest babes is baby Lukas. In the last few weeks he has learnt how to sit, grown a few teeth and will soon be crawling all over the shop. One thing his parents are most excited about is his love for books. Although not quote old enough to read, he loves the bright colours, sounds and feel of the puffed out pages.

Last night while reading through various news websites, I found an article about a new kids book, Amazing Babes. And I quote:

"I’ve been so inspired by so many incredible women throughout my life, but rarely do these strong, powerful and life changing women ever cross that line into becoming a childhood hero.

Determined for that not to be the case for my son, I made this book with Grace Lee.

Amazing Babes was created in the hope that my son would grow up admiring and looking up to people who have done incredible things, regardless of gender. And let me tell you, it turned out great. So great that we want more than my little bub to be able to wander through its pages."
I'm so excited to purchase this book once it's available! No doubt Lukas will be too.  For more info on Amazing Babes and how to buy your book, follow up here.

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