Tea & Scones:

On Sunday I spent the day in 1941 - at Ricks Cafe Americain in Casablanca to be precise.

Maybe not technically, but with several hundred patrons (me included) kitted out in WWII-era clothing and a professional entourage of actors making sure the event was as authentic as possible, you would have been forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Future Cinema (affiliated with Secret Cinema) recreates extraordinary events around a film screening.

To reach Casablanca I followed a steady stream of people in panama hats and pin curls from Limehouse station to a typical London alleyway. I was promptly provided with travel documents and an alias. My new name was Linda Sekerova and I was from Paris. Outside we were routinely questioned by the French and German officials and also offered black market goods – for a price!

The illusion reached its zenith inside the 1930s styled Troxy theatre - a glorious time capsule. Dancing girls, a big band, Sam playing away at his piano (play it again Sam!), cocktail bars, and a casino where I lost all my fake money made sure that the illusion stayed in tact. And to top it off a lively chase would erupt between refugees and the French guards every so often, only ending in a dramatic shoot-out.

For a surreal film experience nothing beats stepping into the movie set itself for a few hours. Future Cinema, I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship….


#1 Mary Jane 2013-05-01 20:11
Wow. would love to go to something like that. Sounds amazing..

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