Tea and Scones

tea and scones

Katie: I'm very excited to introduce a new blogger to the Muesli and Yoghurt team... Katie! AKA Tea and Scones. Yes, there will now be two DIFFERENT Katie's bringing you musings and anecdotes relating to design, art, architecture, flowers and food.

Tea & Scones will provide a weekly serving of portion-controlled treats, served fresh to you from London!

In the culinary world, Britain has many great food combinations to brag about; bangers and mash, fish and chips, strawberries and cream, and who could forget Pimms and lemonade. But none make me want to string up swathes of bunting quite as much as the humble tea and scones.

So what better place to start a blog entry than with the very thing it’s titled after? 

Whether it’s a casual afternoon tea at a local café (if you’re in North London I highly recommend The Haberdashery in Crouch End), or going upscale with High Tea at the Ritz, I basically just love the experience of it all. The teapot and teacups, the milk jug, strainer and the tiny caddies of preserves - seriously what’s not to like!

When my little sister visited last month I took her to The Langham Hotel in London for a special afternoon tea. It was very swish. They took our rain sodden coats and tucked our chairs into us. Sure, the fancy sandwiches were neatness personified and the tiny cakes looked like minute artworks with their lashings of edible glitter and gold leaf, but it was the simple decadence of the scones, the homemade jams and obligatory clotted cream that really cajoled me into a food-induced coma.

So let’s celebrate life’s little pleasures. Tea and Scones. 

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